Day 37 / 365 Days of Design

I showed up today, and this is the big reason I’m doing this. Even on days where I’m not feeling it, not feeling inspired, I still sit down and work.

This pattern novelty fun for all those knitting lovers, like me, out there. More sheep!

Check it out on Redbubble and I’ll see ya tomorrow!

Day 36 / 365 Days of Design

I was a bit aimless tonight. I started with an elephant, then a hedgehog, then thought about doing a quail, and finally decided to do a sheep. It turned out pretty cartoony, but it’s pretty cute!

In other news, my pigeon pattern from Day 33 has been featured on Redbubble’s home page in the FOUND section! It’s gotten a ton of likes, and I’ve already made many sales today. It really made my day.

I did both a single illustration and a repeat pattern for the different items on Redbubble.