Trauma recovery fund for victim of a hate crime.

As I am working hard on starting a brand that both celebrates pride and supports the LGBTQ+ community, I would be remiss if I didn’t share this fundraiser for a trans individual who was a victim of a hate crime right in my own home town.

This hurts my heart. I have donated and I am sharing in case you want to donate, too.

You can read the full story and donate at Trauma recovery fund for our girl.

Day 11 / 365 Days of Design

Today I wanted to celebrate tolerance, diversity, and pride. As a mother of two wonderful LGBTQA people, I was planning on making at least a few rainbow designs for them. Also, I love rainbows.

Other than that, the geometric theme continues, again, using my new-found skill in making wavy lines in Illustrator.

These colors truly make me happy.


That’s it for me. See ya tomorrow!

Oh yeah: Redbubble link!