Every Rainbow

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One day over lunch, a mother and daughter duo decided they wanted to start a creative brand that promoted self-acceptance. They also wanted to give back to the LGBT+ community in a meaningful way. What could they do?

Many, many months (and lunches) later, they’re able to present to you Every Rainbow. Offering quirky, fun-loving, and unique designs, and by donating a portion of each purchase to an LGBT+ -centric charity, Every Rainbow is their answer.

As well as being a great mom, Davida is an illustrator and visual artist; she brings more than 25 years of experience her each of her designs. She is skilled at seeking out inspiration when it can’t easily be found. Davida prefers she/her pronouns.

Davida consults with her daughter, Freyja, who provides insight, acts as a soundboard, and contributes in many different ways Every Rainbow. Freyja does this between training for her paramedic license and cooking with her girlfriend. Freyja prefers she/her pronouns.

Davida wants Every Rainbow to be “my giant mom hug to the entire LGBT+ community.”

Freyja says “My mom gives pretty darn good hugs.”