Day 5 of 365 days of print and pattern

Do a layered feather pattern, I said. It’ll be simple, fun, and quick, I told myself. I was wrong. The Adobe Illustrator file got so big and unwieldy that every action took ages,

My process in a nutshell: draw some simple feather shapes in Procreate on the Ipad. Migrate those into Illustrator and vectorize. Add color, texture, shadows. Create the repeating pattern on a 9.5″ x 10″ square. Export into photoshop to make final PNG for upload.

The pattern itself is fairly simple – I created three blue tipped feathers and arranged them in an overlapping pattern to create the appearance of a feathered being. Fun for a pillow or a dress!

Self grade: C+

The good: I like the speckles and gentle colors. The bad: The contrast isn’t quite enough and I think the fact that they are feathers could be a bit ambiguous. The style isn’t much to my liking.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I’m hoping to do something a bit more ambitious. A friend told me she’d love to see me do more badass ladies from history portraits. I’m intrigued.


Day 4 of 365 days of print and pattern

Today’s creation process was like meditation. It was an Illustrator-driven zentangle. I took my favorite swatches of halftone patterns and created a rocky step pattern – descending planes of light and dark, all done in polka dotted half-tones. Have I mentioned my obsession with polka dots? I’d own that and do nothing but polka dots, but someone more famous than me has already done that.

Anyway, I’m not too concerned about how this one came out because I enjoyed the process so much that I’m feeling quite satisfied. Much better than yesterday, which was a fight the entire time.

Here’s Day 4’s, the full picture image is a screenshot and a bit funky due to the resolution. I’ve included a detail of the halftone patterns and of course a product shot from Redbubble.

See ya tomorrow!

Day 3 of 365 days of print and pattern

Today’s print was a struggle. I was having trouble finding inspiration. I just purchased some cool new brushes for Procreate and was doodling with them. I loved the grungy texture that I could get from some of them, but nothing was coming of my doodling.

I decided to do a simple spiral. Like I said before, sometimes you just have to commit yourself to the thing you are already doing when it’s getting near bedtime and you are getting tired and you’ve made this crazy challenge for yourself and you are going to stick to it, dammit.

So, I did a hand drawn spiral in with some lovely grungy textures. Pulled that into illustrator to trace into vector with minimal success, made it larger, pulled it into photoshop, and then sat there hating it. I hated the colors I had used, the spiral was boring, I’m no good at anything that I do. But I poked at it and played at it and at one point duplicated a layer and rotated it and suddenly things got a bit more interesting.

I first did it pink and uploaded that to Redbubble, but it was a bit too pepto-bismol and reminded me of intestines. So I pulled it back into Photoshop and went with a cool electric blue. No more spiraling intestines.

I’m still not in love with it, but it is very graphic and looks kind of cool on all the products. Here’s the evolution of the design:

That’s all I’ve got today! It’s almost 11pm. I’m exhausted. See ya tomorrow!


Day 2 of 365 days of print and pattern

Today I know I wanted to do something extremely minimalist and in black and white. I started with a line, some circles, and realized it looked like a geometric plant. I ran with that thought and created this geometric garden that reminds me a bit of a circuit board. Circuit board garden?

Anyway, I do love me a geometric minimalist pattern. I have 365 days to explore this side of me!

Here’s the pattern I created and how it looks on a shirt. I’d absolutely wear that shirt.


See it on my Redbubble site and see ya tomorrow!

Autumn Leaves Wrap Skirt

Available now on Etsy!

Autumn Leaves Wrap Skirt Gram

Printed on demand at the wonderful Art of Where, this wrap skirt features one of the favorite prints I’ve made so far: Autumn Leaves. The skirt is available in three sash colors; Black, Dark Grey, and Cream, and two fabric choices; Peachskin Jersey or Matte Crepe.

It’s a generous size which will fit most people, and can even be worn as a shawl or scarf!

Pick it up at my Etsy store!