Design 53 / 365 Days of Design

Today I saw a photo of a cute little baby sea turtle in a lovely blue green ocean. So I decided to do that! I will admit that I’m a little irritated with myself  because I really wanted to do a pattern tonight and I’m ultimately feeling disappointed in this. Ohhh welllllll! I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving, though! 

Design 51 / 365 Days of Design

By special request, I’ve mashed up yesterday’s Rainbow Squirrelicorn with my rainbow koala pattern from a few days ago. Rainbow Koalacorns! Not much else to say. Illustrator made the whole affair fairly straightforward. 

See it on Redbubble!

Design 50 / 365 Days of Design

My son’s tenth birthday is tomorrow. I asked what he wanted me to draw for him for a tee shirt as a birthday present, he said “a Squirrelicorn, with a rainbow tail.”

Well, here you go, a Squirrelicorn with a rainbow tail. Also a golden acorn, which probably is what transformed this ordinary squirrel into a squirrelicorn.

I hope my client is happy with it.

Design 49 / 365 Days of Design

So someone on my Facebook page quipped that my pink koalas looked naked. Go ahead, navigate back a day and look. Now that she said that I can’t unsee it – they look naked to me.

Thing is, I tried going standard gray koala and it was just plain boring. And my line on this piece isn’t quite good enough to just do black and white drawing style. My husband suggested rainbow. It was a little intense, so I decided to do rainbow ears instead. 

Took me all damned day! I have no idea if I like it or if it’s any good; ask me in a couple of months. Here it is on Redbubble

Design 48 / 365 Days of Design

I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while. And it was as much of a pain in the ass as I thought it would be – but I still love it. 

Koalas! I did do them in grey, but it was too dull, so I went for pink. These will lend themselves to a few fun colorways, but today you get pink!

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Design 47 / 365 Days of Design

I’m covered in beeeees! As promised, I created a bee pattern from yesterday’s bees. I added a subtle honeycomb texture in there, and also created a new standalone graphic that also features the honeycomb.

Let’s get straight to it. See it on Redbubble!

Now I have to go watch some Eddie Izzard