November Redbubble Finds

For those of you who don’t know Redbubble, it’s this fantastic site where artists can upload their artwork and have it placed on a variety of products. I’ve uploaded quite a bit of my own work to Redbubble and have made plenty of sales. Here’s the best of Redbubble I found today.

All these designs are available in a variety of products, such as shirts, phone cases, clocks, and more!

Holiday Mood by elenor27


I could do an entire post on elenor27’s work alone, all her art is whimsical and colorful and evokes a feeling of wellbeing.


RAD XV by metron


metron’s work is is dominated by geometric patterns in gorgeous muted colors. There are plenty more designs and styles in metron’s shop to see, this artist knows their color palettes!


Crowned Crane by Sandra Dieckmann


Oh my. I love everything about this piece: the textures in the graphic mountains and the patterns in the water; the giant crane dominating the composition looking absolutely larger than life, and the contrast of the warm oranges and cool teals. So good. I just have to decide what to put it on, because I think I need this in my house.


Author: divafern

My passions include art and illustration, surface pattern design, critical thinking, science, the pursuit of truth, cute animals, and true crime.

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