Animal Portraits

There’s so many fantastic artists on Etsy it’s almost impossible to keep up. Here’s what I found on Etsy today:

Bear Print


This is offered as a download in a variety of sizes. This is one of my favorite compositions for portraits with the subject below the middle of the piece.

Meerkat Art Print


Look at those faces! This fantastic photoshop mashup (hopefully!) captures such a sweet moment in this couple’s life!

Squirrel Portrait Print


And of course I had to include an illustration. This adorable print has a gorgeous, Victorian feel and looks straight out of a beloved children’s book.

Mid-Century Tea Time

It’s not often that I break out Illustrator and the trusty Intuos Pad but after I finished this number I was so proud of it that I wanted to do nothing but digital art from that point on. Of course, the need to feel real brushes pushing around real paint overcame me in about 2.3 hours, because I’m the ADHD artist.